Guangzhou Rebirth Sports Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Rebirth Company") is an extreme sports brand founded by Yunlong in 2015. It took only five years to become one of the top longboard brand companies in Asia. In the beginning, the rebirth company team had less than 10 personnel, and now it has become the leading brand with a daily production capacity of thousands of longboards and seamlessly fits the best-selling market. In recent years, new brands and brands independently developed by skateboarders have sprung up into the market, but Rebirth has consistently been at the forefront of the market and sticks to its own brand concept.


Rebirth is committed to cultivating skaters who love extreme sports and are loyal to the brand. There are currently 20 signed skaters in the team.

This is a stable and strong structure in domestic and foreign brands, and due to the epidemic, other brands have laid off employees or team members have left the team. Rebirth is one of the few teams that are aggressive and brave. It not only encourages skaters to improve their skills, but also maintains the distribution of equipment. , Not affected by the epidemic.

Among them, many skaters have the ability to participate in the international arena and 6 of them have already won international rankings.

In addition to contracted skaters, Rebirth is also keen to support skaters who hold potential and work hard.

According to incomplete statistics, in every province (including autonomous regions, municipalities and special administrative regions), there are more than 10 skateboarders supporting Rebirth.

At the same time, the Rebirth Company regularly organizes team trips twice a year and sends customized gifts on the skater’s birthday to enhance the skater’s sense of belonging to the brand.


There are currently 4 signed skaters in the team and 1 foreign skater.

There are 24 unsigned skaters, most of whom are sponsored skaters in other fields, such as NIKE skateboard shoes, war horse functional drinks, etc. In order to reduce the constraints on skaters, no contract has been signed.

In addition, Rebirth has always maintained cooperative relationships with brands in other fields such as Redbull and Vans. By holding events, the visibility of both parties can be enhanced, and high-quality skaters can also be delivered to the team.

Rebirth created a skateboard division (Rebirth Skate) in 2019. In order to adapt to the market, the brand production capacity has been increased to 1,500 pieces per day.

At the same time, in order to increase its popularity, Rebirth Skate organizes at least 4 medium-sized skateboarding activities (100-500 people) every month nationwide.

Since 2015, Rebirth has planned and sponsored more than 200 events of various scales nationwide.

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shut up Slide with your feet

shut up Slide with your feet


From left to right: Ah Cong: Manager of WaxTown Skate Shop Ah Shan: Head Coach of Guangzhou VBOY Skateboard School

Russian skater: Vadim